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Production process


Snezka’s capacity ranges up to 60.000 pieces
of sewn covers a day.

Such a volume has been ranging us among the
most significant producers in the field for
many years.


Our products are in so many variants as our
customer wishes. Sewing parts from all kinds
of fabrics and leatherette belongs to our
basic offer. Moreover, we concentrate on
sewing difficult leather parts or those ones
embellished by ornamental stitching.
Apart from all these we arrange embroiding
any types of logos on the surface.


The semi-factured products are cut on 12 pieces of Schön + Sand diving
board presses located in 2 of Snezka’s plants. The outstanding feature
of these presses is their pinpoint accuracy even in case of cutting
in several layers.

Our machinery generally contains 326 sewing machines of following
makes: PFAFF, Dürkopp Adler, Brother, Juki.
This number contains sewing machines for: sewing automats, single
needle machines, single needle machines with post bed, twin needle
machines with post bed.


Based on the customer provided layouts
we let the cutting tools made in our
own workshop.


Only a few car components could be tagged as
handmade. Sewn parts made in Snezka Nachod
just belong to them.

The sewing operators are intensively trained
from the very beginning in accordance with
the customer’s quality requirements which
are thoroughly checked after the training too.


...deals with fixing the sewn headrest covers with
some plastic reinforcement inside and the metal
rods connecting the headrests with the seat.
Such assembled headrests are completely
prepared to our customers’ PIP foaming.


...is a supplementing process of our leather
programme in which pre-cut parts are laminated
by adhesives and action of heat with a foam.

Afer the process the laminated cut parts are
cut to the precise shape.


Our goal is a flawless product made of a quality
material, that’s why we put emphasis on
developing of our supliers.
Laboratory tests:
Air permeability, breaking angle, colour
measurement, compression hardness, curling,
flammability, permanent elongation, static
elongation, Stretch 50N, 100N, surface weight,
tear bond strength, Tensile strength and
tensibility, thickness.
Snezka in figures
To reach operational and economic performances
incerasing, Snezka’s management supports investing
in improving the current processes as well as tends to
discover new possibilities.